Welcome to Restaurant Stadshuskällaren

We are located in the beautiful Stockholm City hall, serving contemporary Swedish dishes inspired by wildlife and local produce.

Our food

We create contemporary Swedish dishes with inspiration drawn from the wildlife of the north via the west coast’s fish and seafood to the crops of the southern regions. We cherish Swedish culinary traditions and we work closely with our network of breeders, growers and producers throughout Sweden. Magnus Santesson and his team wish you a warm welcome to Restaurant Stadshuskällaren.

Á la carte menu or Nobel menu?!

Our à la carte and Nobel menus are served in the evenings Wednesdays – Saturdays. We look forward to seeing you then!

Our Food

Events & Meetings

We make sure that your visit to us will be a memorable experience in a historic and beautiful setting, regardless of the size of your party.

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Christmas Smorgasbord

Stadshuskällaren’s classic Christmas smorgasbord is a traditional Swedish Christmas smorgasbord that also offers surprises. The whole buffet is divided in three parts, a buffet of pickled herring and cold meats, delicious hot dishes and a “gottebord” of sweets and cookies.

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About Stadshuskällaren

Restaurant Stadshuskällaren was opened in 1922 and has a strong tradition. This is the only restaurant in the world at which you can enjoy all of the Nobel menus from the past served on Nobel porcelain.

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Address & Opening hours